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Vertical Laptop Stand
Vertical Laptop Stand
Vertical Laptop Stand
Vertical Laptop Stand
Vertical Laptop Stand


Vertical Laptop Stand

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  • Stylish & Convenient
  • Easy to install
  • Soft rubber base
  • Simple design

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The Vertical Laptop Stand is the ultimate stand that makes room on your desk. It holds MacBook vertically and off of your desk. Place your MacBook upright, and plug in your favorite external monitor, keyboard & mouse. Now you have taken a compact laptop and turned it into a comfortable desktop setup for your home or office.

Things like spreadsheets. photo editing and other projects are easier to see on a bigger screen. When it's time to go mobile or head out for a meeting, unplug your desktop connections and the Vertical Laptop Stand will keep them in place for you.

Charge and organize your accessories with our Accessories collection. You can now have a complete set for your smart devices, from Charging Pads, Laptop Stands, USB Cables and more.

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